The warrior is your Guardian.
You feel the need to protect yourself and those you

love, and offten let your guard up to fast.

You rarely let others in first tiem, you need

to observen them first.

Who is your guardian? (stunning anime pics)
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bugger head
u r like me u like the color black and were it alot

manly u r goth and would give everthing to

have someone care and u may look tough on the

outside u r really sad and friendlyoh u r

also crazy some times and ask dumb qustions8P

r u me or 1 of my friends?(read memo!)
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Your Egyptian name should be

Kanika and it means 'black'

You are mean, cold and ruthless. You hate

everything and not afraid to say it. You

might go around walking glaring at people who

look at you funny. Nothing is really

important and have no idea why you continue

to live. You feel there is nothing in this

world for you. You can be caught writing down

hateful thoughts in notebooks and on random

pieces of paper. Just be careful to who you

challenge because one of this day's you're

going to go up against the wrong person.

Which Egyptian name fits you the best?[Girls only]
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Although this picture may look "cool" it

is frightening. Which makes you often

intimidating i your manner.

hihi..brumm tucktucktuck...huiiii......
Im sorry, you have wised u to the situation and I

have wasted your time. I have but one thought

to leave with you... never gambol with

leprechauns when it rains cherry soda, though

raining herring is fine...

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no comment....
You're a murderous death bringer!/
You were normal and a reble when you were alive.

But you were betrayed and fogotten, so your

soul fell into darkness. You don't wait for

death, you CREATE it. Why should someone live

happily when you were killed by the closest

person you knew.

What kind of death bringer are you?
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urg...wie jetz!?!?!
You're in a goofy relationship. You guys love to

see each other smile. You love to laugh and

probably have had some really great times

together. You have probably the best

relationship anime can have. Keep it the way

it is and you two are sure to be together for


What kind of relationship are you in the world of Anime (Anime Pics and Music) (UPDATED YOU PROBABLY GOT THE WRONG ANSWER!)
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recht sinnlos..aber egal..hab ja sonst nix zu tun
your the confused but beautiful anime girl.

what do you look like in anime?(girls only. BEAUTIFUL PICCS!)
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Your song is "Coma White" by Marilyn

You probably have a lot of problems right now and

need a way to get you mind of off those

problems (be it drugs or something else).
"A pill to make you numb
A pill to make you dumb
A pill to make you anybody else
But all the drugs in this world
Won't save her from herself"

What song fits you best?
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wart mal..ich muss irgendwas falsch angeklickt haben...beautiful grils like u...!?!?!? nuja, hab schliessliech keine digicam, da koennen schonma fehler unterlaufen...
u r BLACK!
that's a very evil thing. you should try to be

nicer and maybe a tad bit more possitive. men

don't like it when beautiful girls like you,

lose their chance with a guy, because the

aren't happy. guys like happy girls. and

sorry to say, but you aren't one. Guys WILL

like you, if you work on not being depressed.

if there's a will, there's a way!

What color r u?
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nunja...hae??hab ja mit sonst was gerechnet, aber tinkerbell????

Techinically she's not a princess, but who cares.

Tinkerbell is a sassy, strong

fairy!!! You are a diva and ppl can

easily imagine you bein a celebrity! You're

dramatic and (if you have one)you're

reaaaaally protective of her

boyfriend....(again dramatic)You don't care

what anyone thinks of you and you doesn't try

to be anyone else. You're not the kind of

person to mess with!!! You show your true

colors and say what you think, and that is

really cool!

What Disney Princess Are You???? *pretty pics!!!*
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mit dem letzten satz is natuerlich wieder alles verdorben..gg...
you are very ramdom, but you are unique, Live life

the way you do and don't kill unless


cool but random
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ja wen soll ich denn fragen? das qiuz hatte ja nichma ein thema!?!?!?...
Yes, You never kno if they like you back you gotta ask

hihi..na das is ja mal was....einer der galubt zu wissen was ich will...mit dem MUSS ich chatten...einfach nur um ihn richtig fertig zu machen...kennst ihr das? einfach mal jemanden nur mit sarkastischen kommentaren fertig machen zu wollen...is herrlich, oder?
Wow, I think I know what you want. If you want

to chat sometime my aim s/n is sweetbluelife.

Would I date/ go out with you? (Girls only, IL area)
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was bitte hat das alles fuer einen zusammenhang????
Ur dark chocolate. ur 98% gonna be gothic or

already are and 2% weirdo. u like to be alone

and hate happy people

what kind of chocolate are you?
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na wer haette das denn wieder gedacht...?
your season is winter, your a cold kinda person who

thinks no one understands you, tough you have

a bad trust you love the peaple who love you,

and do anything for them

What's your season
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jupp..habs schon immer gewusst.....
U shall rule the universe

Evil Boot camp
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huii...brumm tuk tuk tuk.....(no comment)
U shall rule the universe

Evil Boot camp
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what r u longin for?

You long for every man to love your evil ways and

to fall in love with you at first site!!

What are you really longing for??? (Girls Only) (beautiful anime pics)
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what ppl think-ugly goth

your a goth and thats just the way you like it

What Lable are ppl giving you behind ur back????
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was zum geier sind das fuer haessliche schuhe???

your converse. You prefer the shadows of your room

to anything else. you might like good

charlote or green day.

What shoe r u?
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ghost-my hope for love


For you, love is bittersweet. You seem to have been

through a lot and had a lot of

disappointments in your life, possibly

directly related to love. Though you've had

many setbacks, you still haven't given up

hope. You know you will find your solace


lonely vampire

ur a lonly vampire,u seek for some1 or somehting 2

find who u truely r.uve been ht bfor and ur

not sure if u can allow urself 2 luv again or

b xcepted by the world again..i know how u

feel ive been theroug the same thing and for

ym advice,id allow my NOT 2 luv again..i dont

want 2 get my hert broken and i dont think u

want 2 etheir....

plz rate

what kind of vampire r u?(gurls only!)
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i'm a werewolf????

You are a Werewolf!

You are smart and cunning, and maybe a little

creepy. You are light on your toes and a

swift runner. You get a little... angry at

times, and can lash out without warning. You

are a dangerous foe, and you should not take

yourself for granted. You can get overwhelmed

at times, especially if there are many things

going on at once. Your bite is often worse

than yor bark, and people respect you.

What Creature Are You Most Like? (With Pictures)
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vielleicht is an den tests ja doch was dran...

you have the power over darkness. you are a goth

and prefer to be left alone. you have a few

that would hang out with you. people often give you

wired stares but you don't care.

what is your power?
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hae?? oder auch nich...wer will ne beziehung die einfach nur richtig is? und seit wann such ich nach jemandem der genauso bekloppt is wie ich?? dem wurde ich schnellstens den mund stopfen!

Just Right

What Is Your Dream Relationship?! (Picture Results!)
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do u blieve in love at the 1st sight?
No... you're doubtful...and you've probably been hurt in the past by a bad decision
na ach nee, wer haette denn das gedacht?? da mach ich lieber de augn zu als mich hals ueber kopf in jemanden zu verlieben!

hihi...na da staunt ihr..ich bin superfast...das is sogar mir neu!

your the phantom! you are all powerful with time.

also your super fast :D

which kind of heartless are you?
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also langsam kotzen mich die tests an....

You are sad.
It is a horrible feeling, but it

can be refreshing too.
Something may have

happened to you to make you feel this way.

But only you can truely fix your sadness.

I hope you feel better.

What Kind of Girl Are You? (with pics & lots of results! ^_^)
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hey, na das klingt doch gleich gaaanz anders...so kann ich naemlich auch sein...mh!!!

ORANGE - You are hyper and love having fun, you are

usually seen at parties or screaming and

laughing with you friends. You are very

beautiful in your own strange ways(Sounds

like me)

What color should your hair be?
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jaja, hatten wir alles schon...

Elemental Control
Elemental Control
you are very diffrent from

others. You are very connected with the world

but not its people. You could use this power

to make an element destroy your enemy!

(FYI:the elements are


this is my first quiz so please

rate...and don't be too harsh, if you happen

to have comments please message me!

What's your darkened power? (with anime pictures)
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